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Podcast: Heartistry 

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Photo by Ammar Zaidi

Heartistry Talk Show is a podcast hosted by Farah Yasmeen Shaikh. 


Through Heartistry, Farah is in conversation with artists and creatives from across the globe. Each guest demonstrates a passion, compassion and commitment to their respective life paths.

Season 4

IMG_3142 - Avin Wattamwar (2).jpg


Ep 12

Shila Wattamwar

Sustainability Activist, Founder of SustainableMe.Today

Vu Le_edited.jpg

Ep 11

Vu Le

Founder & Writer of the blog:

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Ep 10

Naiel Chaudry

Baker & Co-Founder of Lá Jawab Treats

Zara Zulfi photo.jpeg


Ep 6

Friidom is a multi-disciplinary movement artist, composer/choreographer, director, and actor; known for pioneering the cinematic-dance genre called “Epiic."

Zara Zulfi

Pakistani Musician, Teacher & Poet

WEB_bicentennial_wellness_products_for_professionals©2019abigailbobophotography-63 - Melis

Zehra Nawab

Ep 5

Zehra Nawab is a multidisciplinary artist working in documentary-film, journalism, illustration and theatre. 

Melissa Shah

Yoga Therapist,
Founder of Find Your Breath

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Ep 4

Parishae Adnan

Fashion Designer, Founder of House of Parishae, Climate Activist

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Ep 9

Sana Meghani

Leader & Advocate for equitable higher education systems

Exit12_Rachel Neville 9 - Roman Baca.jpg

Ep 8

Roman Baca

Ballet Dancer, Choreographer, Co-Founder of Exit 12 Dance Company, Veteran of War

Screen Shot 2022-12-28 at 10.52.41 AM - Huma Hamid.png

Ep 7

Huma Hamid

Techmaker & Co-Founder of Pakistani Women in Computing (PWic)

2021_12_02_Darrel_Friidom_Dunn_2049_RT_WEB - Darrel Dunn.jpg

Ep 3

Darrel 'Friidom' Dunn

 Director, Choreographer, Actor & Composer

WhatsApp Image 2023-02-14 at 9.40.14 PM.jpeg

Ep 2

Zehra Nawab 

Actor, Journalist, Director of Film & Theater

IMG_4156 - Tejal Yoga.jpg

Ep 1

Tejal Patel

Yoga Teacher, Speaker, Social Justice Educator, Creator of Tejal Yoga & abcdyogi

Heartistry Video Series

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